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Sign stand offs stapling brick display

05 Sep 2017

How about the showing on below ?

Our customer brought our glass standoff spacers and used for the ceramic tiles.

They look very neat and beautiful also save space while you showing on exhibition or shop.

4 pieces can hold a ceramic tile,no matter how heavy ceramic tile is.

sign stand offs

Yumore Hardware Hollow glass standoffs

hollow glass standoffs-3

Different sizes of hollow standoffs

hollow glass standoffs-4

Front of led standoffs

hollow glass standoffs-2

Back of stand offs spacers

hollow glass standoffs-1

YUMORE solid glass screws(multi mount standoffs)

glass standoffs-32

stainless steel standoff glass mounting hardware

glass standoffs-42

screw spacers


What is difference of hollow standoffs and solid standoffs? Please click here >>>

solid and hollow standoffs

Interested,please click here and get more sizes of standoffs>>>


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Address:No. 36, Huanxi West Rd., Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China