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L shape decorative corner braces

  • Type : Stainless steel T shape braces

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Size : 20*20*16mm,25*25*16mm,30*30*16mm,40*40*17mm,50*50*17mm,20*20*15mm,25*25*15mm,30*30*15mm,40*40*17mm,50*50*20mm,65*65*20mm,80*80*19mm,100*100*19mm,125*125*19mm,150*150*24mm,150*150*24mm,etc.

    Thickness : 2.0 mm,3.0 mm

    Prices : $0.05---$1

    Finish : Stainless Steel L Braces

L shape decorative corner braces

Product details

L shape decorative corner braces

Small right angled bracket, manufactured from stainless steel which may be useful for mounting equipment or accessories, joining stainless steel materials, securing pipes, cables or other components, and in other minor repairs. Useful anchoring point for bungee lines with hooks, clips, lines, shackles, lanyards for securing awnings, tarpaulins or covers etc. Ideal for external use, or on boats and marine applications due to the non corrosive nature of the stainless steel, but equally suitable for automotive or home use. Can be secured using appropriately sized screws, bolts or fasteners (not supplied). 

Product Description                                                                   

11000 angle bracket (2)




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